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Current Events

Jami and The LOVA Studio is hosting or participating at the following events. Click on the following events! Looking forward to seeing you. 

Changing Lives - 30 Days to Healthy

Releve for the Cure

The Ultimate Game Changer for your health and your life! Even though I am a Pilates Instructor the truth is 'abs are made in the kitchen'. Headaches, bloating, trouble sleeping, low energy, just to name a few is what so many people live with every day. It doesn't have to be that way. You can become your healthiest self with a simple program that is exactly what your body is craving for. Our 30 Days program kicks off the first Monday of each month. Want to know more? Email me to have your questions answered and for more information. 

Ask yourself where you will be in five years?

Do you have dreams to fulfill?

We may have an opportunity that could be a fit for you.

Discover Arbonne

Returning in 2020!!!

Retro Fitness - Rochester

637 N Main St

Rochester, MI 48307

Rise with us to help find a cure for Breast Cancer.
Stay Tuned for details