Here are my favorite books. I recommend many of these awesome reads to my clients.

Return to Life Through Contrology


This is a MUST have for every Pilates Instructor and enthusiast. Writings from Joseph Pilates himself.

Discovering Pure Classical Pilates


World renowned Instructor Peter Fiasca truly defines Pilates. He details how the Pilates Method is set apart from other forms of movement which have been so mistakenly compared to.

Skinny Bitch


A close friend of mine recommended this book to me.  First of all….OMG I was laughing in hysterics. It is written with rated PG language. But this book points out some of the same ideas and philosophies as Beauty Detox Solution. However, this book really makes you think for yourself.  There are A LOT of facts presented here but the underline message is to use your head and think for yourself.  Do your research! Even though this book is written from a vegan perspective, it is important for you to make your own choices after compiling your own data on regarding our food industry here in the United States.  All I can say, it is some scary stuff to think about. 

Change Your Brain – Change Your Body 


Daniel G. Amen, M.D. takes a different approach to healing and changing your body by explaining what goes on in your brain.  When I started reading this book I could not put it down.  There is so much information in this book.

Beauty Detox Solution


Ok, all I can say is this is a MUST have.  I read and re-read the information in this book.  Kimberly Snyder provides a brilliant explanation on how our digestive system works and how we should use it!

Eat Fat to Lose Fat


Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE coconut. I love the smell, the taste. Coconut Cream pie is at the top of my list of desserts next to Key Lime pie. After learning the health benefits of coconut oil and how healthy certain fats are, I now have a serving or two everyday of this tropical drupe. I could go on about this book but I will just let you get your own copy for yourself

Deceptively Delicious


Got kids who turn their noses up at veggies? Not anymore. Pureeing vegetables is my family’s best friend and the kids have no idea.  My oldest daughter would eat Mac & Cheese every meal everyday if I let her. Jessica’s recipe with pureed cauliflower won her over.

Anatomy of the Spirit

This book will take you on a journey of understanding the seven energy center a/k/a Chakras and how to heal your own body through these energy centers. I am actually reading this book again.  It has been several years and I am looking to continue on my own spiritual journey.

The Flip-Flop CEO 


And I’m going to be one.  Want a true explanation of network marketing and why so many individuals are starting their own companies, read this book. I read part of this book over and over to help me build my business.