Mat Exercise - Corkscrew

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

This intermediate exercise is a great challenge for the abdominals, especially the obliques. Similar to Roll Over but with a ‘twist’, Corkscrew is a challenge for maintaining stability in the shoulders. I strongly recommend working with the beginner steps first then progress to advanced.

Repetitions: 3-5 sets

Starting the lift!


From Open Leg Rocker – Bring legs together and reach arms to a high diagonal (Teaser) Roll upper body back to the mat. Lengthen legs up to 90 degrees

  • Arms active by the sides of the body or place hands under sacrum

  • Lengthen legs to the ceiling


Lower with control to one hip.

  • Beginner – Pull both legs into the Powerhouse then circle legs down and around in one direction then reverseŸ while keeping tailbone anchored into the mat

  • Intermediate  – Pull both legs into the Powerhouse and lift the last 4 vertebrae off the mat. Lower with control towards one hip, circle the legs around. Repeat to reverse direction

  • Advanced – Pull both legs into the Powerhouse to bring legs overhead parallel to the floor.  Roll through the spine towards one hip, circle the legs around with the Powerhouse. Lift hips up and over to reverse the circle.


Pull knees into the Powerhouse.

LOVA Tips:  

This exercise is all about control while articulating the spine to the mat while challenging the Powerhouse with asymmetrical movement. You will feel the obliques (side abs) on  this one.  This is the first exercise to incorporate slight rotation of the spine. Try to keep the legs straight and hugging into the midline.  Maintain shoulder stability by keeping the blades anchored to the mat towards the hips. Make sure you advance the exercise with progression. Master each variation before taking on the next challenge. As you circle the legs away from the body deeply engage the Powerhouse to stabilize the spine. Refrain from allowing the lower back to arch.

For tight hamstrings, slightly bend the knees. This exercise is not recommended for individuals with osteoporosis or other bone density conditions and is not suitable for neck issues.

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