Mat Exercise - Hip Circles

Hip circles are similar to Teaser with a combo of a little corkscrew, or as I call it "Infinity sign". This exercise is recommended to add to your workout once you have mastered teaser and pelvic stability. It is an intermediate to advanced movement.

Repetitions: 3-5

Hip Circles Start (Ideal)

Transition from Teaser -reach arms behind body and place hands on the floor


  • Place hands behind the body on the mat with fingers facing away from body

  • Arms are straight

  • Legs lengthened towards 45 degrees


Small Circles
  • Inhale circle both legs in one direction

  • Exhale lift legs up and hold for 1 count

  • Reverse and repeat

  • As a novice exercise perform "Can-Can". Knees are bent into chest. Dip the knees an inch to the right then left back to the right. Straighten legs on the diagonal, bend. Then dip left, right left. Straighten legs on diagonal.


Lower legs to floor and lie back on mat.

LOVA Tips:  

Keep pelvis and lower back stable through the Powerhouse. Shoulder blades are anchored towards the hips. As an alternative to straight arms, bend elbows and prop yourself up on your forearms. Remember stability and movement comes from the Powerhouse.

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