Mat Exercise - Leg Pull-Front Support

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Deeping the challenge on the Powerhouse and shoulder girdle, we take a lift off the mat in this high plank position. Connecting the shoulder blades towards the hips and pulling those abdominal in deep engagement work in synergy to stabilize the torso,

Repetitions: 3-5 sets

Reach Out Through the Top Leg

From Swimming, place hands underneath the shoulders.


  • Place hands under the shoulders

  • Straighten arm in lift in a high plank/push up position

  • Legs are together in parallel


  • Lift right leg to hip height, press left heel back and forward twice

  • Switch legs

  • Repeat

Press Supporting Heel to the Floor


Lower knees to press back into an active rest pose.

LOVA Tips:  

The stabilizing "Lift" is all about the Powerhouse. Thighs "Hug & Wrap" into the midline. This will assist the torso. For wrist issues, think of the palm of the hands like a suction cup. Press firmly into the fingertips. The hands are there as a connection to the floor but the energy is not in the hands rather in the Powerhouse "Lifting" the body up. Another option is to lower onto the forearms. Visualize your lower spine lengthening in opposition, reaching tailbone to the heals. Connect the front of the rib cage towards the back, a/k/a "knitting the ribs". This will help keep the lower back straining. If need be, lower to the knees and hold the position until the Powerhouse gets stronger.

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