Mat Exercise - Lower/Lift

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Almost to the end of the 5 Ab Series, is now moving those straight legs together. I teach this exercise with a focus on lengthening the legs from the Powerhouse. There is a lot of opposition in this exercise.  Use the Powerhouse to anchor the tailbone and stabilize the spine and pelvis while the legs are in motion.

Repetitions: 3-5

Lengthen Legs in Opposition


  • Lie back on mat

  • Place hands behind your head for support

  • Engaging the Powerhouse, lift head, neck, shoulders off the mat

  • Lengthen both legs to 90 degrees

Reach Out with Control


  • Inhale to lower both legs to 45 degrees

  • Hold for 1 count

  • Exhale lift legs back to 90 degrees


Pull knees into the Powerhouse and lower the head, neck and shoulders.

LOVA Tips:  

Lengthen the legs at the same time you stabilize the pelvis with the Powerhouse. Draw the shoulder blades on the back. If you have lower back issues, place hands under your tailbone. Keep head on the mat if you have a neck injury and work a smaller range of motion.

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