Mat Exercise - Mermaid

We have stretched the back, opened the chest through various exercises. Now it time to take of the sides of the body. This side bend stretch feels delicious. It opens the the muscles that help us with breathing, stretches the back extensors and the lower back.

Repetitions: 3 each side

Reach on a High Diagonal


  • Sit mat and bend knees to one side of body

  • Bring the heels as close to seat and pull in with hand

  • Lengthen opposite arm up


Counter Stretch in Opposition
  • Reach out with lengthened arm

  • Lengthen from the waist - reach arm over to a 45 degrees (same side as the feet)

  • Lengthen back to 90 degrees – keep stretching

  • Counter stretch - bring forearm to mat - reach out through opposite arm (bicep to the ear)

  • Stretch opposite side – Repeat

  • After working one side, reach both arms out to a rounded "T" lengthen legs in front and sweep feet over to the other side.


Turn 90 degrees to sit facing short edge of mat.

LOVA Tips:  

Reach, Lift and Bend from the Powerhouse. Working the Opposition throughout this exercise will not only benefit the muscles being stretched, it just feels great! Initiate the movement from the abs to bend sideways and lift back to center. The side that is stretching, visualize the hip reaching for the floor. Make sure this is a gentle stretch, that feels "Delishioso" as I call it.

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