Mat Exercise - Neck Pull

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

A philosophy and common practice in the Pilates method is when the spine is worked in extension it's important to stretch in flexion. Neck Pull is very similar to Roll Up with a deeper challenge on the Powerhouse with the hands behind the back and adding a hinge with a lengthened spine.

Repetitions: 5

Work the Opposition Gently Through the Neck


  • Sit up tall

  • Extend legs opened hips width apart

  • Flexed feet

  • Place hands behind the base of the neck


Work the Hinge from the Hips Through the Powerhouse
  • Inhale sit up tall on the mat

  • Exhale round over the thighs bringing forehead to knees

  • Inhale sit up tall and hinge back to a 45 degree angle

  • Exhale curl tailbone under and roll back on the mat

  • Inhale roll right back up and repeat


Lengthen on the Mat

Lie back in the center of the mat.

LOVA Tips:  

Opposition is key throughout this exercise. If you are having a challenge rolling up with the hands behind the head, lengthen arms in front of body.

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