Mat Exercise - One Leg Circle

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This next mat exercise is a challenge on the Powerhouse to stabilize the pelvis through movement.  One leg circle tests the strength of your abdominals at the same time lengthening and toning the thighs. The main focus of this exercise is to maintain stability in the hips and shoulders while the leg moves making controlled circles.

Repetitions: 5 circles each direction

One Leg Circle - Start


Transitioning from Roll-over finish with legs 90 degrees

Transition from Roll-up. Pull knees into Powerhouse then lengthen to 90 degrees

  • Lower one leg to the mat

  • Arms are long by the sides of the body

Reach Across Midline


  • Circle the leg over the midline of body and up

  • Reverse the circle and then switch the legs

  • Circle no wider than the frame of the body

  • Switch legs repeat circles


Lower leg to the mat and hug the inner thighs.

LOVA tips:

Stability comes from the Powerhouse.  Engage the abdominals and “zip-up” the pelvic floor to provide stabilization while the leg is moving. The size of the circles is dependent on how much you are able to stabilize the hips and shoulders.  So, if you find yourself rocking make smaller circles. Deepen the abs “in and up” to pull the leg back towards 90 degrees.  If you have tight hamstrings and/or hip flexors bend the knee. Individuals with hip replacements should avoid this exercise unless they are working with a certified instructor.

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