Mat Exercise - Open Leg Rocker

This intermediate exercise is a great challenge for the abdominals.  The Powerhouse controls the “rocking” movement which is a massage for the spine. The main key of this exercise is control, one of the main principles of the Pilates method.

Repetitions: 3-5



From Spine Stretch, bend both knees into the chest and place one hand on each ankle

  • Engage your Powerhouse to lift the feet off the mat and balance between your sit bones and tail bone

  • Lengthen both legs and open to hips width apart

  • Round into the abdominals creating a c-curve while still balancing


Rock Back
  • Inhale to roll back to the tip of the shoulder blades

  • Exhale roll back up and balance – hold for 1 count – repeat


Lower feet to the mat and lie back in the center of your mat

LOVA Tips:  

This exercise is all about controlled movement.  The Powerhouse pulls the spine to the mat and with deepening the abs ‘in and up’ will provide the power to rock back up. If you have tight hamstrings hold behind the knees.  Lengthen through the arms and legs with opposition. For beginners and spine issues, hold the balance position.  This exercise is not recommended for individuals with osteoporosis or other bone density conditions.

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