Mat Exercise - Push Ups

The finale to the Pilates Mat workout is Push Ups. The upper body works and is strengthened while the Powerhouse stabilizes the torso. Pilates Push Ups are different from the common form because the elbows bend and hug into the rib cage. This makes it more of a tricep pushup.

Repetitions: 3-5

Push Up Start

Transition from Seal, on last rep rock up to a standing position. Stand at one end of the mat, making it like a "runway"


  • From Standing – Roll down place hands on the mat

  • Walk out three big steps with arms into plank position


  • Kneel on the hands and knees

  • Lengthen legs out one at a time, feet parallel open about hip width apart

  • Hold the plank position


Lower Chest Between Hands
  • Lower chest towards the floor (bend elbows)

  • Push up (lengthen arms)

  • Repeat


Pull knees into the Powerhouse and lower the head, neck and shoulders.

LOVA Tips:  

For many, any variation of push up is a challenge. There are a number of ways to execute this exercise for every fitness level. Creativity is key. Working with the knees on the mat is a great way to start. I have given the idea to my clients is to use a sturdy furniture, ballet barre or even the stairs. Increasing the angle of the body to the floor makes it easier to perform the exercise. An idea of using the stairs, stand on the floor facing the stairs going up. Pick a stair that gives your body about a 45 degree angle. Practice push ups on that angle, then we you become stronger, lower to the next stair. Continue until your hand and feet are both on the floor to perform the exercise.

Congratulations! You have completed Intermediate Mat!!!!

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