Mat Exercise - Roll Up

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

As if the Hundred wasn't challenging enough, now it's time to get into our mat workout. The Roll-up is the next exercise in the mat repertoire. One rep of this flat abdominal exercise is equal to six sit-ups. As I always say, "It is the quality of the movement on the quantity" For many individuals the full Roll-up will be challenging. It is OK to develop strength with variations. Stick with them, after time you will be able to achieve the ideal Roll-up.


Roll Up Step 1


  • Lay back on the mat with legs extended and hugging together.

  • Reach arms to the ceiling


  • Inhale lift the head neck and shoulders up between the arms.

  • Exhale roll up all the way reaching fingers towards the toes making a C-Curve of the spine.

  • Maintain deep C-Curve spine Inhale stretch forward

  • Exhale to roll back vertebrae by vertebrae

Deep C-Curve of Spine

Variations: Half Roll Back

  • Rock up to a seated position.

  • Sit on mat with knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

  • Place hands behind the knees to hold leg.

  • Inhale roll back until arms are straight.

  • Exhale roll back up

Finish: Lay all the  way back on the mat

LOVA tips: 

Lift and movement from your Powerhouse.  Deepen the abs connection to roll up. Keep the Powerhouse engaged to lower spine to mat.  Resist gravity by placing one bone (vertebrae) of the spine at a time on the mat. As you roll back, imagine creating space between each vertebrae. This will give you length in the spine. Enjoy this fabulous yet challenging exercise!

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