Mat Exercise - Rolling Like a Ball

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This is a fun, yet challenging exercise in the mat repertoire. It is the first of the rolling exercises. Rolling Like a Ball stimulates and massages the spine at the same time the Powerhouse works deeply to control the flow of movement.

Repetitions: 5

Rolling Like a Ball - Pull in Tight


  • Sit towards the front edge of mat.

  • Place the hands on the shins just above the ankles.

  • Pull the abs in and up to lift feet off the mat and hold the balance between the sit bones and tail bone.

  • Separate the knees slightly and round the spine into a C-curve position, just like a ball.

Roll Back - Just to Tips of Shoulder Blades!


  • Inhale to roll back to the tips of shoulder blades

  • Exhale deepen the Powerhouse to rock back up and balance

  • Head and feet stay off the mat

  • Movement and flow comes from the Powerhouse (abdominals)


Place feet on the mat and lie all the way back

LOVA Tips:  

This exercise is not for individuals who have osteoporosis. Beginners can hold behind the knees until their Powerhouse becomes stronger. The goal is rock in an even line. If you find yourself rolling to one side, one side of your abdominals is stronger than the other. Place focus on the using the opposite side of the abdominals as you roll back. Imagine your spine is on a straight line and with practice your form will improve. Feel like your back is thumping and bumping when you roll? You may have a tight lower back. Work your way up to the ideal Rolling Like a Ball exercise. Start by holding the C-Curve spine position. Be sure to use the Powerhouse to maintain the C-curve spine and balance. With time the muscles in the lower back will stretch, allowing you to perform a smooth rolling movement. Have fun with this exercise and remember with practice you will perfect your form.

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