Mat Exercise - Saw

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

This exercise is another stretch for the spine and a continuation of Spine Stretch Forward that includes rotation of the spine.

Repetitions: 3-5 sets

Saw Setup - Reach Out!


From Corkscrew roll up or rock up to a seated position.

  • Open legs as wide as the mat with feet flexed

  • Sit up tall with active arms in a “T” position  – keeping finger tips in the peripheral

  • Palms face the floor


Twist and Reach!
  • Inhale twist the spine in one direction

  • Exhale reach pinky finger towards opposite pinky toe

  • Reach back arm in the mid-line – palm faces back

  • Pulse pinky finger three times past pinky toe – “saw off pinky toe with pinky finger”

  • Inhale sit up tall and exhale back to center

  • Switch sides


Lengthen spine in the center, bring legs together and roll back on the mat

LOVA Tips:  

Saw is a great exercise to focus on opposition – energy reach out in different directions. For example, lengthen the spine by pulling your abs “in and up”. Reach your tailbone to the floor and the crown of your head reaches for the clouds. Your arms are long and active through the fingertips as the shoulder anchor towards your mid-line. Rotate from the Powerhouse as your hips are “anchored’ to the mat. Grow taller each time you come return to center – work the opposition.

Tight hamstrings? Sit elevated with soft or slightly bend the knees. This exercise is not recommended for individuals with osteoporosis or other bone density conditions and is not suitable for those with neck issues.

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