Mat Exercise - Scissors/Straight Leg Stretch

Moving through the 5 Ab Series, now it is time work with straight legs. Next is Scissors. Enjoy the hamstring stretch while moving the legs with control from the Powerhouse. Be sure to keep the pelvis stable while the legs are in motion.

Repetitions: 5 sets

Reach Legs in Opposition


  • Lie back on mat

  • Engaging the Powerhouse, lift the head, neck and shoulders off of the mat

  • Lengthen legs to 90 degrees

  • Walk both hands up one leg and hold by ankle or as high as you can reach


Switch Legs with Powerhouse
  • Lower the opposite leg to 45 degrees

  • Double pump the leg into the abdominals as you deepen them in and up.

  • The other leg reaches out in opposition. Try and keep legs straight

  • Switch the legs using the Powerhouse


Pull knees into the Powerhouse and lower the head, neck and shoulders.

LOVA Tips:  

Use the Powerhouse to pump your leg into body.  Draw the shoulder blades on the back. If you have tight hamstrings, hold behind the thigh. Keep head on the mat if you have a neck injury.

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