Mat Exercise - Spine Stretch

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Sit up Nice and Tall! Now it is time to lengthen and stretch the spine in the first seated exercise. This exercise focuses on the stretch between each vertebra of the spine in addition to stretching the hamstrings.

Repetitions: 3-5

Spine Stretch Forward Setup


From Criss Cross – Roll up or Rock up

  • Sit up tall in the center of the mat.

  • Lengthen arms in front of body shoulder height

  • Lengthen legs in front of body, feet open mat width apart

  • Feet flexed


  • Inhale sit even taller and stretch the spine up

  • Exhale as your body rolls forward creating a deep c-curve and deeply engaging the abdominals

  • The height of the arms remain stable and parallel to floor.

  • Inhale start to roll back up into tall spine position – Exhale sit tall

  • Repeat


Lengthen spine to sit up nice and tall

LOVA Tips:  

This exercise will re-teaches correct posture, the focus should be on the length of the spine to sit up tall from the sit bones while reaching the head to the clouds. Keep the arms reaching in opposition while keeping the shoulders on the back.  Movement of the spine comes from the Powerhouse. If you have tight hamstrings or feel a pull in the lower back, bend the knees.

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