Mat Exercise - Swimming

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Returning back on the stomach for this full extension of the spine. This exercise strengthens the seat, tones the hamstrings and helps open the hip flexors. Deep connection in the Powerhouse is key in order to keep the strain out of the lower back. This is a great exercise to strengthen the back extensor muscles along the spine, which assist in proper alignment of the spine...improving posture!

Repetitions: 20-30 sets

Lengthen and Lift!


  • Lie front on mat

  • Lengthen arms out in front of body and legs reach long behind

  • Hundreds breathing when in motion (inhale for 5/exhale for 5)


  • Lengthen and Lift one arm and opposite leg about

  • “Swim”

Swim with Control!
  • Alternate lifting and reaching arms and legs creating a swimming motion

  • Start slower then pick up the pace


Press back into an active rest pose by bringing the seat to your feet. Round the back for a nice stretch. Use the Powerhouse.

LOVA Tips:  

Use the Powerhouse to stabilize the pelvis and shoulder girdle. Everything is working in in opposition, the spine, the arms and legs. This exercise is not for those who are pregnant or who should refrain from extending the spine due to medical conditions.

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