Mat Exercise - Teaser

This is one of the most dynamic exercises in the Pilates Mat workout. Focus is executing this exercise from the Powerhouse with precision and control. Strength, flexibility and balance are the main purpose of Teaser. The Powerhouse is challenged to the fullest by taking sit-ups to a whole nother level!

Repetitions: 3-5

Teaser I Start


  • Lie back on mat

  • Beginner I - One foot on the mat, lengthen opposite leg to a 45 degree angle - inner thighs hug together

  • Beginner - II , Teaser I - II - Legs in table top, arms extend over head

  • Teaser III – Legs together, lengthen out on the mat and arms extend behind head


Teaser III

  • Beginner I – Roll up to reach fingers towards toes - Hold for one count

  • Beginner II – Legs in tabletop position , roll up - Hold

  • Teaser I – Arms reach up - lift head between biceps, roll up simultaneously lengthen legs to 45 degrees

  • Teaser II – Same as Teaser I Hold the position – lower and lift the legs

  • Teaser III – Arms reach up, lift head up between arms, roll up upper body and lower body up simultaneously. Lower upper and lower body then lift - touch toes


Teaser Up!!!

Pull knees into the Powerhouse and lower the head, neck and shoulders.

LOVA Tips:  

As always, initiate the movement from the Powerhouse - abs "in and up" big time on this one. On the lift, reach out through the inner thighs as you deepend connection in the abs. If you are feeling your hip flexors, press the inner thighs together and think of your hamstrings (back of legs) wrapping into the mindline. I call this "hug and wrap". Another way is open feet into a V position by rotating the thighs out from the hip joint. Start simple with this exercise, build into each level. Stay tuned for future posts about Teaser. There's more that you can do with this exercise.

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